Moby-Dick; or, the Blog

In late 2018, I started a project (back on tumblr, actually) to write up a blog post for every single chapter of Moby-Dick; or, the Whale, which is one of my favorite books. I’ve read it several times already, so I thought it would be fun to go through and really examine it more closely.


The posts focus on different things as I go. Chasing down stray biblical and cultural references from the 1840s, examining specific moments in depth, piecing together broad themes. Early on, I got caught up a lot in summarizing the chapter, but I’ve been focusing more on reacting to it lately.

I care not to perform this part of my task methodically; but shall be content to produce the desired impression by separate citations of items, practically or reliably known to me [….] – Chapter 45, The Affidavit

For your convenience, here’s a chronological list of all the posts, up to now: