Update: Things Are Well


So, I know that I talked a big game about being Back at the beginning of this year, and then proceeded to make two (2) Moby-Dick posts before leaving again. For that, I apologize, but my life has been… hectic, of late.


After some scrambling to get paperwork done, I finally, officially graduated in January, although it was backdated so I actually graduated in December of last year.

I was finally free! And it was terrible. I had gotten so used to being in classes, to structuring my life around the rhythms of a school year. The thing about not having any real work is that you no longer have free time either.

To wit: if I knew what I had to do, I could make a schedule, and then I could know when I was free to go off and do other things, like games. So even though I set myself to tasks, like writing for this blog or making a new website, it never really went anywhere.

It didn’t feel real to me, because it wasn’t coming from some outside source. So I kind of muddled along. Applying for jobs left and right, trying to upgrade my website with all my new knowledge, but feeling pretty pessimistic about the whole thing.


Then, suddenly, in June, I got called back for an interview, for an application I had put in through ZipRecruiter. They wanted to talk to me on the phone, and that interview went well. I was asked to come in for an in-person interview, and that also went well.

The only hiccup was that the job was located in Auburn, WA, which is some 25 miles away from where I live, or two hours by bus (no direct route, of course). I went down for the interview, and it was… rough going.

But, they assured me that I could work from home until I could secure a place down there, and so I did! They offered me a job! And I accepted!

My title is “technology analyst/web developer”, but I haven’t done much technological analyzing yet. Pretty much all web developing. It’s a great fit for my skills, and I get along great with my boss. It’s a very small company, only around 30 overall, with six on my team, including my boss.

It’s been a real big transition. It is very different from school, or my old job at the market, but I’m getting more and more confident, and feeling more comfortable with my role. I’ve completed a couple of small projects, and have put code up on the live websites of a couple of clients, which feels good.

Funnily enough, after accepted the job, I was offered another one almost immediately! I had to turn them down, but it also would’ve been a good one, fully remote. Part me wishes I had waited and taken that one… but this job is such a good fit, I can’t really regret it too much.


It took me six months to find a job after graduating. Which isn’t that bad, and I owe the fact that I was able to spend that time to living with my parents, surviving on dogsitting money and my leftover savings would not have been possible.

That time was miserable. I was trying to be a self-starter, trying to give myself then structure I craved, and I mostly failed. I got things done, but never completed anything that I really wanted to. And, due to the problem I mentioned before, I didn’t feel like I could ever relax, either.

But now, things are comin’ together.

Just yesterday, I moved into an apartment in downtown Auburn. I took three days of PTO, so I can get everything unpacked and recover from the move, and I’m glad I did, it was hard work.

I still have a lot of things to get, some small (kitchen sponges) and some large (a dining table and chairs (I have exactly two chairs right now lmao)). But I love the place, it’s a nice roomy studio, with great appliances and in-unit laundry. My main point of comparison was an incredibly shitty (yet also cheap) college apartment, so maybe it’s not really that luxurious, but it’s satisfying to me anyway.


This is all to say that I am planning on writing in here again. My creative juices have never stopped flowing, but I never found the motivation to come back here and work on any new posts.

But now that I have the structure of work, and the freedom of my own space and control over my life, I feel ready to come back. I still have some ideas for big ol’ posts about Umineko no Naku koro Ni, as well as more Moby-Dick and other video game stuff.

Look forward to it!

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